Presentation Night 2016

The 2016 Portland Football Club Senior Presentation Night will be held on September 10th at the Thunder Dome.

The formalities will kick off at 7pm, so get down there a bit earlier to enjoy a drink and get to your seats. The awards ceremonies will be accompanied by a smorgasbord dinner.

We will be presenting U18, C, B and A Grades awards, with the A Grade Medal count to be held on the evening as well – with ceremonies concluding at 10pm.

Rowey had a fantastic start to the season, but will he fade late with injury?

Doggy’s consistency, hardness and yappy sledging on field certainly has him in contention.

Will our fearless leader, win his 6th A Grade B&F?

Maybe the “Priority” Alex Bradley will snatch up the choccies?

Only time will tell, ladies and gentlemen.



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